December Sunset 2020
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Milton Avery, the American modern painter, is the artistic influence for many of my seascapes series, particularly his beach studies from the 1960’s.

I have been photographing the Rockaway Beach seashore in Queens, New York since 1996, and have produced 6 series with different interpretations of the exact location at the edge of the sea.

Rothko’s bands of color were the influence for my first series, “Seascapes 1996 thru 2006”. From there I went on to visit the shore at different times of the year, which brought different interpretations due to the changes in light and atmosphere. “Winter”, “Summer”, and “Autumn” each have their own qualities. “Waves in Black and White” was produced without color to explore the basic elements of composition; contrasting light, texture and form. However, all interpretations share a minimalist aesthetic.

“December Sunset 2020” was photographed during the Covid-19 pandemic when walking to the beach with my camera was a welcome relief from the news of the day. The sunset on December 18th was so captivating that I visited the shore in the late afternoon and stayed until nightfall.

The influence of the Avery beach studies brought me to see the seashore in a more painterly way, using shape and color to create interpretive images relating to the movement of the water along with the sand and sky.

All series reflect the central theme of changing light and shifting tides, and invite viewers to connect to their own memories of the timeless quality of the experience at the edge of the sea.

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December Sunset 2020
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