A Cloud Study, Sunset 2016
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One summer evening in June, 2016, while looking out over the ocean from a 2nd floor terrace in Rockaway Beach, NYC, the sky was suddenly filled with an unusually enormous cloud just as the sun was setting. The soft light, color and patterns within the cloud were so compelling that I reached for my Canon, and stayed until darkness overtook us.

The result of this serendipitous evening is my third Cloud Studies series, "A Cloud Study, Sunset".

Influenced by John Constable's cloud painting in 1821, as well as Milton Avery's serene compositions, my intention was to create images linking abstraction to representation. The natural heightening of the hues of the sunset behind the cloud indicates the exact location of the setting sun; and not representing the cloud in a literal way, I chose to search out the forms and shapes…texture and details…to create images leaning toward abstraction.

Since 1996 I have created 6 series of Seascapes photographed during all seasons and all times of day. My images intentionally take on a "painterly" look, and I created my Cloud Studies series to incorporate that same aesthetic.

"A Cloud Study, Sunset" are limited editions, and can be exhibited in sizes up to 50"x60".

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A Cloud Study, Sunset 2016
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