Cloud Perspective: Space, Mass and Mood 2015
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Since 1996 I have been photographing the seashore in Rockaway Beach, Queens, NYC, and have created 6 Seascapes series during all seasons and all times of day.

All images share a minimalist aesthetic, exploring the most basic elements of composition, contrasting light, texture and form; influenced by artists such as Rothko and Milton Avery.

In 2015 I trained my camera skyward.

Clouds have long been objects of fascination, as in John Constable's paintings. They represent an "organ of sentiment", and are exercises in representing space, mass, and mood. The poet John Clare incorporated clouds into his poems to represent states of mind for which he lacked a language.

As with my Seascapes series, I have used the clouds to create images of form and texture; using a light/dark aesthetic to express states of mind that are elusive and transient. The movement and rhythm of the clouds evoke the familiar play of light and shadow.

While the images in "Cloud Perspective" are representational, and intended to freeze in time the movement of the clouds from moment to moment, "Cloud Portraits" is intended to create more "painterly" images…similar to my Seascapes aesthetic.

Both series are limited editions, and can be exhibited in sizes up to 50"x60".

December Sunset 2020
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A Cloud Study, Sunset 2016
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October Waves 2013
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Waves In Black and White 2011
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Summer 2009
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Winter 2009
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Seascapes 1996 thru 2006
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