"Gottlieb's attention to natural themes, sensitively conveying their frailty and mutability,
is daring in its clarity and sincerity..."

Waves In Black and White 2011

October Waves 2013

Cloud Studies 2015-16

Summer 2009

Winter 2009

Seascapes 1996 thru 2006

Birds of Paradise 2019

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Selected Solo Exhibitions

Jan–Apr 2017
Alden B. Dow Museum
of Science and Art
Midland, MI

Jan–Apr 2020
Museum of the Chicago
Academy of Sciences
Peggy Notebaert Museum
Chicago, IL

May-June 2020
Quincy Art Center
Quincy, Illinois
Sept-Oct 2015
New York Hall
of Science
Queens, NYC

Jan-Mar 2016
Florida Museum
of Photographic Arts
Tampa, FL
May-Aug 2016
Kean University
Burger Gallery
Union, NJ